The night was, for example,  ablaze, acheronian, agreeable, baleful, bleak, captivating, convivial, dazzling, delierious, eerie, fervid, foreboding, frigid, genial, haunted, lively, monotonous, muggy, nauseating, notable, ominous, obsidian, opalescent, orphic, pallid, pestilent, relucent, restful, scintillating, sinister, serenic, soporific, steamy, subfusc, suffocating, sultry, sweltry, unremitting.

Find words by context, category, sound, meaning, and qualitative criteria such as "good" and "bad" connotations.

Wordipedia suggests words in 30 languages.

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Here's a little background on Wordipedia such as why we built it, what's different about it, and why lots people can use it.

Please also take a look at the WHY ME page and the in-depth presentations under WordDiscovery  on the top menu. Also, please see the presentations under About on the top menu.


Lots of people in every day communications and people with academic and professional careers will find Wordipedia of value. It's much more than a dictionary or thesaurus because it suggests words in context, such as adjectives and verbs that match specific nouns.

You'll value Wordipedia whether you are a professional or novice writer, blogger, work in advertising, marketing,  consulting, movies, songs, or poetry.



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